About Us

Ovanbeck Records is a small independent music company founded by Ivan Ivarsson. We started out in 2002 as a platform to create, play and produce music. We have a eclectic mostly electronic taste in music.

We aim to sell our music on the global market using the vast promotion and distribution opportunities the web provides. We are a small business and realize that we need to shout out loud to be heard. But we have strong music muscles. You can do us a favor and listen, enjoy and spread the word of our music. Thanks for being our friend.

Ovanbeck Records was founded in 2002. The company is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For enquiries regarding Ovanbeck Records, our artists and upcoming releases and events, you can always contact us.

The easiest way to contact Ovanbeck Records is by e-mail.
E-mail: [email protected]