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Ovanbeck Records has the pleasure of housing these talented music acts.

Johnny & Buck

Johnny & Buck is an electro pop duo from Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Heiko is a rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The guys have been playing music together since high school and have become a tight undividable unit. Sharing music influences from 70s rock n´roll, the 80s heavy metal, the 90s grunge and the 00s independent rock scene, the band creates music at their own pace, style and sound.
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Pocketful is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Strong melodies, ambient textures, crisp guitars and groovy electronica beats are some of the ingredients of the Pocketful sound.
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Sissy Ven

Let us introduce Sissy Ven for the masses. Sissy Ven has been lurking in the shadows far too long. But now he is out in the sun and waiting for spring.
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