September 22nd, 2009

Free song by Heiko “Jesus”

Heiko demo recordings #2

Cover for Heiko's single JesusThis demo was written and recorded by Heiko at Seaside Studio, Espevik, in late october 2004. Outside the hard autumn winds where ripping and inside the four boys worked hard on their new masterpiece “Jesus” in the comfortable warmth of the studio. That weekend neither time nor luck was on their side. The wind took out the electricity several times and the water flooded the basement so the demo lacks keys, organ and back vocals.

But even with the loss of a full backing track we still think this song is a great rocker and should be heard so today we are releasing it on the Ovanbeck Music Podcast.

The radio spot in the start and end of the song was a lucky recording when Pontus was fumbling with the radio and just happened to find Christ on the FM-band, Jesus.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget the upcoming Heiko show on 26th of September.

Heiko — Jesus

Heiko — Jesus (320 kps mp3, 10.2mb) »

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