August 28th, 2009

Free song by Heiko “Waiting Line”

Heiko Demo Recordings #1

Cover for Heiko's single Waiting LineThis demo was written and recorded by Heiko at Belle Vue Studio in 2007 and it is the only version of the song that we have. This is even the only file of the song that we have.

The recording of Waiting Line has very sadly and mysteriously disappeared and is nowhere to be found. The only thing that we have left of the song is this torn mp3 file. It has a fairly political lyric so it may have been removed or censured by a bigger power then us. However, we will not be silenced so today we are releasing it as a free download on the Podcast.

Because the files has disappeared, this song has not been mixed or polished so you will have it as it was recorded that day, raw and dirty.

Waiting Line is one of two Heiko songs that has a trumpet recording on it. The trumpet is played by Heiko’s bass player Morten Lindborg. When he recorded the takes, he hadn’t been playing the trumpet since he was in the high school brass band. Therefore, it took a couple of takes. Good work on that one Morten.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget the upcoming Heiko show on 26th of September.

Heiko — Waiting Line

Heiko — Waiting Line (194 kps mp3, 7.7mb) »

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