June 16th, 2009

Free song by Pocketful “And Once Again”

Pocketful Evergreens – A Collection of Demo Recordings #4

We have now come to the fourth evergreen by Pocketful, enjoy!

Jerker’s comment:

This chord sequence has been lying around for more than 10 years. Last summer, after numerous rough arrangement ideas over the years, this vocal-based version began to take shape. It coincided well with my ambition to experiment with other song structures than the classic ones you always find in pop music. Also, I wanted to write a song without an apparent beat.

Pocketful — And Once Again

Pocketful — And Once Again (320 kps mp3, 3.7mb) »

Also available (all free!):
Evergreen #1 – The Hundred Miles (send an email to pocketful(at)ovanbeck.com for download link)
Evergreen #2 – Infection (see above)
Evergreen #3 – Keep the Engine Running (download on www.ovanbeck.com)

2 Responses to “Free song by Pocketful “And Once Again””

  1. Don Says:

    Another cool bit of Pocketful. Thanks for sharing! Keep challenging our ears.

  2. Djalma S Carvalho Says:

    Beautiful songs..forwarded do all my friends….Thanks for sharing

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