May 11th, 2009

Free song by Pocketful “Keep the Engine Running”

This is the third free demo song released from Pocketful’s vault of evergreens.

For every record release there are hundreds of songs that didn’t make the cut. We are glad to give you some of the evergreens from Pocketful’s years in the studio.

Today we bring you “Keep the Engine Running”.

Jerker’s comment:

“Keep the Engine Running”, written and recorded back in 2006, was one of the first tunes that we uploaded on the Pocketful myspace site and I happily recall that we got some really positive feedback from many listeners.

The song is definitely one of my personal Pocketful favourites. The pieces fit so well together and I am also very pleased with the sparse arrangement. This version is slightly remixed and remastered. We really, really hope you will enjoy “Keep the Engine Running”!

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Pocketful — Keep The Engine Running

Pocketful — Keep The Engine Running (320 kps mp3, 10mb) »

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