June 23rd, 2008

Great review of A Sparrow’s Mind

Pocketful’s “A Sparrow’s Mind” have got a great review at atraktos.net.

What kind of demands or expectations can you have from a group, which does not have a huge discography history (just one album), it is unknown to wide masses and deals with rare sounds and influences?
Actually none, especially if you think that so many other artists with less emotional capabilities and music knowledge, are creating their “image” based upon the distribution networks of their discographic labels, to take what they do not deserve. Then is when you understand that Pocketful’s music is staying unfairly away from the game and mainly the ears of the listeners.

Pocketful are from Goteborg of Sweden and they record for a small, indie record label with the name “Ovanbeck Records”, promoting their music through the Internet and especially through MySpace.
“A Sparrow’s Mind” is a little masterpiece with pieces of emotional expansion, leaving you with the taste of beauty and the feeling that there is something more than desire; the talent of the band.
The musical style is something that balances between brilliant, brainy, lyrical pop combined with electronic, ambient colours.
At the end, their music sounds like David Sylvian is taking vacations on the same island with Miles Davis and Talk Talk (of “Laughing Stock”), jamming in every night bar they find in their way, having as support group No-Man.
Special reference has to be made to the voice of Jerker Rellmark, who seems to whisper the magic words for the exposure of the well-hided secrets, leaving you with a touch of “fragility”.
Finally, the beauty and the atmospheric dynamics of Pocketful’s music, adding also the careful and professional production of the record, makes you wonder why artists like them, never reach our musical plate.

You can read the original review in Greek here»

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