September 4th, 2008

Johnny & Buck releases Buck Revisited

Johnny & Buck releases their classic but never released album Buck under the name Buck Revisited. Let it spin.

Buck RevisitedBuck is the classic Johnny & Buck´s debut album that was never released. For many years this music roamed the Internet and the dance floors like a rebel without a cause making people party like it was 1999.

Now at last Ovanbeck Records releases the classic album for you to enjoy. Buck Revisited is filled with the joy and passion of making music and the dreams of what is about to come. Johnny & Buck gives us music that shakes with innocent fever of the pure spirit that sings about the most important thing of all, girls!

This is a classic to be kept close at heart!

Go to our shop to listen and buy. And yes it will appear on iTunes but give it a week or two.

1. Disco Girl
2. Here to the end
3. I love your body
4. Bronski Buck

Johnny & Buck — Disco Girl

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