June 1st, 2010

Major Investment is out

Today we are releasing the new song Major Investment by Heiko.

Heiko releases Major Investment, the band’s first single from their upcoming album.

The song was recorded in the fall of 2009 in the band’s studio in Espevik, Sweden and later mixed and mastered in Hammer Studios in Lerum, Sweden.

Major Investment is a song with roots in rock and country and blues scene of the 70s. It also points to some social awareness in the lyrics.

-The song really reflects the way we look at current events and the direction we’re heading in everyday society, says Johan Kalin, the band’s lead singer.

The band took their time fine-tuning the song in the studio in order to get the right feel and sound.

– It’s worth all the time and effort, says Ivan Ivarsson, the band drummer and producer. We all feel confident that our fans will recognize the true spirit of Heiko in this single.

Go and get at http://www.ovanbeck.com/first-page/major-investment/

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