September 26th, 2008

Sissy Ven releases April & May

It is friday and Sissy Ven has released the track April & May. This is gone be a really good weekend!

April & MayLet us introduce Sissy Ven for the masses. Sissy Ven has been lurking in the shadows far too long. But now he is out in the sun and is kicking it all off by releasing a hot track for you all to jump along to.

April & May is the distilled feelings of that first day of spring. That day when the long, dark and cold months of the winter are over and the clear and warm energy from the sun is breaking through. It is then you feel that spring is in the air. It is then April & May.

The release is a two track single with the original version and a kick mix for all the dj’s out there.

1. April & May
2. April & May (Kick In Kick Out Mix)

Sissy Ven — April & May

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