Released April 3rd, 2008

A Sparrow’s Mind

OR08002 / Digital / EP / 4 tracks

Pocketful are back with a four-track EP. This is their first official release since the CD “Sparkling”, which came out in 2005. The songs stretch from the two guitar driven tracks, “A Sparrow’s Mind” and “Desire”, via the beautiful and laid-back duet “The Final Song” (featuring Therese Oresten on vocals) to the slow, ambient piece “She Won’t Steal My Thoughts Tonight” . These four songs bring you all the ingredients that characterize the Pocketful sound – the strong melodies, the groovy beats, and the melancholic atmosphere.

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Pocketful. Mastered by Ivan Ivarsson.

One Response to “A Sparrow’s Mind”

  1. Petter Larsson Says:

    Gött killar!

    Ni går från klarhet till klarhet!!
    Skulle dock gärna se en återutgivning av, det gamla örhänget, Leaving Paris oxå!

    Nice keyboards/M.Kelly