Released December 15th, 2010

Late Night Call

OR010002 / Digital / Album / 6 tracks

Late Night CallAbout “Late Night Call” is the long-awaited new EP from Swedish band Pocketful. Comprising of six new tracks, the trio describe it as their darkest, heaviest and most emotional work to date. On “Late Night Call” the intense Pocketful sound is more electronic and experimental than ever before, but the band still find plenty of room for their signature shimmering guitars and soaring trumpets.

Make no doubt, this is Pocketful’s most dazzling release to date and definitely aims straight for the listener’s heart.

Johan Engström — Guitars
Joakim Gralén — Words on “Words”
Jerker Rellmark — Vocals, trumpet, keyboards, samples and additional guitars
Special Guest:
Therése Oresten — Vocals on “Late Night Call” and “Professional”

Produced by Pocketful
Mastering, artwork and additional engineering by Ivan Ivarsson

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