Released November 26th, 2009

Sparkling Revisited

OR09004 / Digital / EP / 4 tracks

Sparkling RevisitedAbout Sparkling Revisited is a downloadable selection of highlights from the Pocketful debut album from 2005, “Sparkling”. The four tracks mark the beginning of the unique, mellow Pocketful sound. “Don’t Know Much” and “Before the Bullfight” (David Sylvian cover, only available from are both characterized by their sparse arrangements and haunting intimacy, whereas “Sparkling” and “Behind Thoughts (2001 Remix Version)” show more of the electronic approach that has become one of Pocketful’s trademarks.

Musicians featured on Sparkling Revisited:
Johan Engström – Guitars, samples and programming. Additional keyboards on ”Don’t Know Much”.
Jerker Rellmark – Vocals, samples and flugelhorn.
Andreas Carlsson – Bass on ”Before the Bullfight” and ”Don’t Know Much”
Anders Kwarnmark – Keyboards on ”Before the Bullfight” and ”Don’t Know Much”
Lars Källfelt – Drums on ”Before the Bullfight” and ”Don’t Know Much”
Jenny Berggren – Vocals on “Behind Thoughts (2001 Remix Version)”
Jan Rellmark – Trumpet on ”Don’t Know Much”

Pocketful — Sparkling
Pocketful — Behind Thoughts (2001 remix version)
Pocketful — Don’t Know Much
Pocketful — Before the Bullfight

Pocketful — Sparkling (128 kps mp3, 5.7mb) »

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