We are on a mission. More is more*.

The first decade of this century was a productive period for Ovanbeck Recordings. We were born. Got ourselves a website and an iTunes contract. All of our artists did a great amount of work over a period of years and recorded a heap of great music.

But most of our artist’s music never got released. Pocketful was the act to follow with four releases with us. But for the rest of the pack, most of their work never really reached the finish line. If it was a lack of time, effort, or just that one nagging take that didn’t feel right is hard to say. But the bulk of the music is still there on our hard drives waiting to be released.

Now we will do better. Yes, we will.

We will get it out there in the open. Digging deep into the archives of music and pictures and straighten the booms and the crashes to be able to give it to you on a silver platter.

In music we trust!

*Yes, Yngwie is also from Sweden. Less can’t be more.

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About us

Ovanbeck Recordings is an independent music company founded by me, Ivan Ivarsson, with the help of some great friends. We started out in 2002 as a platform to create, produce, and distribute our own music.

We are not like a classic record label more like a helping hand to getting the music out in the world. Helping with production, mixing, mastering, artwork, and a push towards the listeners. When we started there were no streaming services or social media platforms it was all very digital DIY but now we have distributed to over 60+ music services globally.

We do this because we love music. Listening and making it. And in music we trust.

We are small and realize that we need to shout out loud to be heard. But we have strong music muscles. You can do us a favor and listen, enjoy and spread the word about our music. Thanks for being our friend.

Ovanbeck Recordings was founded in 2002. The company is situated in Lerum, Sweden.