Heiko is a rock band from the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Born out of the boredom and teenage distress of countryside living.

Every member of Heiko was a pupil at Rävlanda High School. Johan Kalin(vocals, guitar, piano) was the eldest, followed by a year by Ivan Ivarsson(drums) and Morten Lindborg(bass) and the lineup finalized with the two years younger Pontus Jarenskog(guitar, vocals).

They first appeared on the scene as the Useless Wooden Toys, named after the classic skateboard movie, but changed the name to Heiko at the end of the ’90s.

The guys have been playing music together all their lives and have become a tight undividable unit of love. Sharing music influences from 70s rock ‘n’ roll, the 80s heavy metal, the 90s grunge, and the 00s independent rock scene, the band created music at their own pace, style, and sound.

Heiko has a great big back catalogue of recorded material, mostly from the years 2002-2008, that will be released in the upcoming years.

In the midst of the pandemic 2019, over the internet, they started to rehearse new songs. Pontus Jarenskog had a surge of creativity and had written a bunch of new songs. Morten Lindborg wanted to focus on other things and took a pause from the band and Tobias Sjögreen joined on bass. All the parts put together created a new energy and rebirth of the band.

The gig at Krokslid Festival in September 2023 was a sign that the band was again rising to a new creative height. Look out 2024.