This is Johnny & Buck in great form back in 2005 in the midst of finding their sound. Neat and tight electro-pop with a fabulous punchline. This one with the added impact on the bridge by vocalist Gerda Elfverson, doing the femme part of the song, by singing in french. The song was left somewhere between a great demo and a final cut. Still a bit rough around the edges but with enough polish for the greatness to shine through. Don’t we all love Paris?

Recorded and mixed in 2005 and mastered in 2020.

Release date: 2020-12-03


Written and produced by Johnny & Buck
Additional vocals by Gerda Elfverson
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ivan Ivarsson
Artwork by Ivan Ivarsson


Johnny & Buck is an electronic music duo from the west coast of Sweden.With the inspiration of the synth scene of the 80’s and the list climbing pop from bands such as Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode and mix that with some great french touch like Daft Punk, Kandinsky and Justice. Then you have the musical ethos that brought us Johnny & Buck.

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