The song was recorded back in 2008 in the library of a 1900-century house. The library had a ceiling with huge and beautiful ornamental paintings that inspired the winding and swirly feeling of the music. The song is forced forward by a huge distorted bass that is rhythmically all over the place in the verses to be released with long sweeping tones in the chorus. Everything was recorded using only pads/drums to create a very rhythmical, glitchy, and broken up feeling. With a vocal over it that was re-pitched and re-ordered it creates a sound somewhere between Vangelis and Thom York, if that is even possible.

Recorded and mixed in 2008 and mastered in 2020.

Release date: 2020-12-11


Written and produced by Sissy Ven
Mixed and mastered by Ivan Ivarsson
Artwork by Ivan Ivarsson


Sissy Ven is an electronic music artist from the west coast of Sweden. Lovely soft ambient music at it’s best but often quirky and rhythmically expressive. It all started with a SoundBlaster 16 plus a wave editor on an old pc. Chopping and edit samples from a vast catalog of records spanning from jazz music to classical recordings and tv noise.

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